Thursday, December 12, 2013

Are you free? Then pack your bags come with me!

Day 5 and that's it, I'm packing my bags. Not really, I'm sitting here with my coffee in a quiet house while everyone is sleeping.  Travel is the them at Festival of Words. Feeling the need to get away? Then come join in!

Pack my bags!
I'm leaving
heading over mountains
through rivers
 sleep beneath stars
birds morning songs sing me awake
carefree days spent 
nature by my side
flowers wave in the wind
trees offer support 
when rest calls

 the world 
 my road to travel
wonders amaze my eyes
words of foreign of lovers
their language a mystery 
yet, the rhythm,
 rise and fall of their voices
a symphony plays to my ears

I walk my current path
step off the sidewalk
gaze down to the grass 
rocks beneath my feet
my imagination soars
fly me to another place
while I stay grounded
for today
will come too soon


  1. I packed my bags and traveled with you. Let me tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed this journey! :)

  2. tomorrow will come too soon surely...ha...i like to travel...i have a travelling soul...i have learned the last little bit the value in putting down roots as well....

  3. Imagination took me to a fantastic ride amongst the nature... But for now I stay grounded...:) lovely!

  4. An enjoyable journey through words. I have my bags are you taking me with you?


  5. That was an exhilarating journey through nature. Nice.


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