Friday, December 20, 2013


decorating the house today for my son's birthday! 

Dreaming of days with bows
perfectly tied just so
other days, bow too tight
why won't you sit right?
days with too many slips
poor bow, just drips

when world outside is too much
worry drags my shoulders down
can't get the frown to turn around

step back inside my heart
count the bows in sight
piled one on top of another
perfect bows would be so nice
but those aren't the ones for me
give me messy, chaotic bows
bows I've learned to treasure
resting atop perfect gifts

A special thank you to Jerry Beuterbaugh who has listed my blog on his post today of Sites to See. I hope you will visit his blog to see more of his lists!

Sharing at Poetry Jam ~ inside/outside
Poets United ~ gifts & blessings


  1. This is why I buy the kind of bows already made with adhesive. = )

    Merry Christmas, Robyn!

  2. ah i will take messy chaotic bows as well...smiles...
    its a bit more natural for me...

  3. sometimes in day to today life many things and words get tied like bow

  4. ah so true... i don't trust anything that is too perfect... a bit messy and chaotic is my choice as well any time...smiles

  5. I leave it to my other half to make the bows, I'm ashamed to say. I love Jerry's site!

  6. It is always nice to have an inner retreat....and ha, I was never able to tie beautiful gift bows like some people can!

  7. You made me smile, Robyn. I am rather hopeless with bows and thus favor nice paper bags for my gifts, unless someone else does the wrapping.

  8. Robyn,

    Like life, bows can take a variety of appearances and moods. The perfect bow is rather unique...a little crease, reflects life in its truer form...
    Thank you for visiting my Blog Robyn. Much appreciated.
    Best wishes for Christmas and New year, Eileen:)

  9. What's inside is more important! Merry Christmas! :)

  10. Lively little bows! I will leave the bow making to others!

  11. A little messy, a little bit of time but it's satisfying. Being realistic is being natural. Will go for making one's own. Nicely Robin and Merry Christmas!


  12. Your poem so symbolic of the life of a mom. We always are harder on ourselves. Each boy really is a treasure in the eyes of others.
    Enjoy your son's Bday

  13. Delightful! (I get mine ready-made, lol.)

  14. wonderful message in there... being all thumbs perfect bows and wrapping are but a dream... :)

  15. What a wonderful metaphor, all tied up with a bow! (sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

  16. Perfect gifts always need bows. I like this.


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