Friday, December 13, 2013

People, people, so many people!

Day 6 Festival of Words - People

When my son was younger, I told him people come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, - so many differences.
He wanted to know if they came in triangles too.

Celebrate the differences
Celebrate the cultures
You bring you
I bring I
to the table
 gather round
tell me your story
I'll tell you mine
Show you my scars
 inside and out
Show me yours?
Lend you my ear
 lean on my shoulder
we're all imperfect
please, share without fear
embrace with a gentle hug
all those around
if all were the same
if  all were perfect 
wouldn't life be


  1. We are perfect with our imperfections.
    Celebrate the differences
    Celebrate the cultures
    loved these lines.

  2. yes, our differences def add flavor to the soup...if we all thought the same and acted the same we would def be boring....

  3. oh this is simply brilliant... well written and conceived. Indeed, we should celebrate the differences instead of shunning people for it.
    My post for the prompt:

  4. Such sound, sensible way to be and most find it so difficult to be and trust the other, just because of the differences. The poem packs a punch in so few words :).

  5. If all were same,
    If all were perfect,
    Wouldn't life be boring?

    True to the dot. Diversity brings flavour to our world. We often forget and overlook it and think of only one group as superior/best/good hearted and easily judge another person because they are different from us.

  6. Yes if all were perfect i would be amazed what my life would be all about. And really did her actually think that ? :D triangles!


  7. I hope the world continues to put less emphasis on different and more on unity.

  8. Pearl of wisdom..Indeed, people come in different shapes, sizes and colors:)

  9. Triangles - that's too cute. And as we're talking shapes, your poem looks like a fish - how clever. Life would indeed be boring if we were all the same. We are perfect in our imperfections. Awesome post.

  10. I think triangle people may be my favorite people. :)

    You've given wonderful reasons to celebrate. I think we'd be much happier if we could learn to appreciate each other more.


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