Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sing, sing a song!

Day 4 of the Festival of Words. Let's sing together!  Really, let's sing because the prompt is music.

He sings older songs
songs before his time
sings as if the words are new gifts to the world
surprise stops him when I sing along
then he joins in again
the moment flows   
we are free fallin together
time stands still

he tells me about a video game
his language makes no sense to me
no understanding 
why he must capture this or that

but in that moment, together
our voices joined as one
moments of teenage angst and confusion
disappeared into a 
perfect day

Free fallin - Tom Petty
Perfect Day - Lou Reed


  1. Let's really sing indeed> Love the take on the prompt :)

  2. Music unites, no matter the differences!

  3. lovely take..Music is truly a point in our lives where different lifestyles, generations and nationalities don't matter. It is a language which unites.

  4. O that's very sweet. Yes music is what can keep families together. I love the title of your post.. Lovely song.. Reminded me of school.

  5. All difference can be brought together through music, amen to that. :-)


  6. Sing out loud, sing out strong ... very nice. And they are best when belted out together.


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