Friday, December 13, 2013

The magic of childhood dreams

Festival of Words at Write Tribe brings us to our last day ~ Dream/s.

At Poetry Jam, Peggy has us thinking about the magic of childhood.
Prompts keep me writing, so I love when I can combine the prompts.

Dreams. Magic. Childhood. How can these not go together?

Magic of childhood
everything possible
if you can dream it
then it's true!
golden tickets for everyone!

days pass
packed away, forgotten
cobwebs, dust all around
reality weighs your shoulders down
get your head out of the clouds!

something clicks!
vague memory floats back
you dare to dream  
THAT dream of childhood when you 
didn't know it was a dream
when it was truth
magic of childhood


  1. Dreams and magic and childhood should go together - but not always. Some kids are grown before they are ever young.

  2. Childhood innocence is indeed often followed by blasé adulthood, Robyn! But I like the idea that sometimes we can still dream and hope. Very nicely expressed!

  3. Great when those magic dreams reappear! We get so weighed down as adults and we do need kids to remind us of magic!

  4. Sadly, we stop dreaming as we grow up and get used to the rut of life.

    Beautiful words !

  5. well said!
    Childhood is a sweet memory :)

  6. however old we become, childhood remains evergreen in our memories..

  7. You write great poetry. I have read most of yours this festival each one better than the last. This one has touched my heart in most special way.. lovely..


  8. Ah yes the magic of childhood dreams.

  9. So true, the dreams of childhood never really leave us, even if they do take a different direction along the way sometimes. What a wonderful poem!

    Happy Holidays to you!

  10. i wish we clung tight to those dreams...even if they change that everyone would still dream with the innocence of youth....

  11. Oh, those dreams of childhood....sometime we have to unpack them again and give them another go...and sometimes they surprise us by becoming real!

    Merry Christmas, Robyn!

  12. Some childhood dreams do lie forgotten like the old cobwebs . but we have to dust them off and revive those little poems. a lovely poem.

  13. Yeah right.. Childhood is a magical time when everything is possible...every dream is real.

  14. I like those moments...when I am nostalgic for a time I'm not even sure really existed.

  15. Lovely Robyn. The magic of childhood when dreams were truth - if only we could live with a little bit of child in us then perhaps all through life, dreams could be truth. Loved it. I didn't know you write on the Poetry Jam prompts. Must write mine and post it.

  16. That dream of childhood..beautifully expressed and how I wish we would dream like a child, free from the shackles of the mind and prejudices.

  17. Oh, yes! It's never too late to have a happy childhood! I enjoyed your delightful poem so much.

  18. My sweetie-pies remind me everyday of magic. Really nice write, Robyn.


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